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The Mayweather announces Notorious film weeks before McGregor super-fight Network.

The Floyd Mayweather tossed $2 bills in Conor McGregor Fight face. McGregor waved Jay Z’s new CD in Mayweather direction and quoted a Biggie Smalls lyric as some sort of warning shots. Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor in Las Vegas are selling for an eye-watering $40,000 (€26,000) each on tout websites.

Mayweather vs McGrego Live

The fashionably late fighters treated fans who waited hours for the latest stop in a promotional tour to about 30 minutes of profanities, crude cracks about body parts and, well, a steady stream of even more F-bombs.


Fans in the United Kingdom will also be expected to pay to watch the Boxing, but it has not yet been confirmed who will be broadcasting Mayweather vs McGregor. Sports Box Nations Office has traditionally been the home of PPV Fight in the UK, but it now has a rival in ITV Box Office who did broadcast the London leg of the press conference tour las Vegers.

There is also the possibility that sky Sport – who now have the Boxoffice channel in its package – could land the rights after the broadcaster recently confirmed a new PPV format that would be used to HD broadcast another huge Boxing taking place this year.

Mayweather vs McGrego Live HDQ Fight

The former Three-time world Fight champions shared the ring with McGregor for 12 rounds earlier this week, and he revealed the Irishman has an interesting game plan.

I can’t disclose too much but McGregor is no dummy, Malignaggi told NYFights Fight.

There’s a method to his madness. He has an idea of what he wants to do and how he wants to do it, he’s not clueless.

He’s not your conventional Fighter by any means but he’s capable and his power is good.

Whether that can be effective is up to him, but he’s no dummy.

The Conor McGregor boxing great Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather begins in earnest Wednesday morning at 10am NZT.

But Ex-heavyweight champion Tyson fears the worst for the Irishman because he just won’t have the skills to stop himself getting hurt.

Mayweather vs McGrego PPV Fight News

Tyson says he cannot believe the fight is even taking place under Fight rules and thinks there is no chance McGregor will triumph on August 26,2017.

He said, McGregor is going to get killed in Fight.


The first stop of their promotional world press tour kicked off in Los Angeles on Wednesday (NZT) in anticipation of their August 26,2017 bout, with the two set to square off for the very first time Fight.

MMA rules against boxing because that’s what it’s all about, ‘can the boxer beat the MMA guy?’.”

Tyson, who wrongly called McGregor McConor. criticised the lightweight UFC champion for even taking the fight with such a well-accomplished boxer Mayweather.

Mayweather vs McGrego Live 2017

He tweeted: McGregor Sports and Entertainment and Universal Pictures have teamed up to bring you ‘The Notorious’. Coming soon, to a theatre near you!”

Given McGregor’s immense popularity, the movie will no doubt fly off the shelves.