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Official News Mayweather v McGregor Live Poster Revealed on August 2017

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor’s verbal battle is over for now and attention has turned to what is set to be the highest-earning Boxing of all time.

Mayweather drew a record 5.6 million PPV purchases for his Boxing with Manny Pacquiao in 2015 and his battle with McGregor will almost certainly top thats.

Mayweather v McGregor Live

Two weight UFC champion McGregor meets Mayweather in Las Vegas (London) next month in one of the most intriguing and most lucrative Fight contests of modern times.

Money’ Mayweather has been more than happy to flaunt his wealth over the years, posting pictures of wads of cash on show.


His bout with Manny Pacquiao in May 2015 broke PPV records, bringing in more than 4.5million purchases at an average of $100 cost. TV revenue alone is thought to have passed $500million (£309million).

Malignaggi was drafted into McGregor camp as sparring partner after;s he was put in touch with the Irishman’s camp through Dean Byrne.

The retired and undefeated boxer – also the daughter of the late heavy weight legend Muhammad Ali – spoke with FTW ahead of her third time hosting the ESPN Sports Humanitarian Awards on July 11, and she briefly shared her thoughts on the upcoming fight.

Mayweather v McGregor Live HBO Fight

Mayweather v McGregor will meet in Las Vegas on August 26 ,2017 in a landmark Boxing that sees the Irishman make his professional debut against the best boxer of his generation.

“I just think that fans need to just know that it’s for fun,” Ali said with a chuckle. “Easy for me to say – I’m not going to be in the ring. But you’ve got a UFC fighter, who has no boxing experience, fighting one of the best fighters in the world.

proclamations were viewed as the ramblings of a madman, then, later, those reflecting unparalleled self-belief and, eventually, outright premonition. All three might have been true the entire time.

It’s widely reported but impossible to overstate: In barely four years’ time, McGregor went from collecting welfare checks to depositing the biggest check in the history of his sport.

The stage is set for McGregor first professional boxing , with the MMA fighter set to switch the Octagon for the ring and adopt Fight rules.Mayweather v McGregor Live


Both fighters will wear boxing gloves and the use of legs, which is common in UFC, is banned.

World Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has backed Conor McGregor to knock out Floyd Mayweather inside the first round of their boxing bout.

The Crumlin-born star faces ‘Money’ in August and Fury believes a win for McGregor would be “great for boxing

Mayweather v McGregor Live 2017 Play card

McGregor showed up to the first stops on the media tour to promote the Boxing wearing what, from a distance, appeared to be a normal Five-piece, pinstripe suit. But a close-up picture of the suit revealed that the pinstripes were made up of the phrase “For You” repeated vertically over and over.

The Mayweather-McGregor press tour continues with stops in Toronto on Wednesday, Brooklyn on Thursday and London on Friday. Stay tuned to see if McGregor makes any more statements via his fashion choices or if he limits them to his mouth